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HIFU therapy for Prostate cancer is performed exclusively utilizing the state of the art HIFU technology. Please free to contact us with any questions via email CLICK HERE.

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Our Mission
The mission of Virginia HIFU is to provide personal, compassionate care to prostate cancer patients. We are dedicated to providing minimally invasive options for those who are in the early stages of prostate cancer and wish to preserve their quality of life. We also feel that the newest diagnostic options must be available to most precisely locate the disease and deliver therapy most accurately.

What Is HIFU?

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HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) (sometimes FUS or HIFUS) is a highly precise medical procedure using high-intensity focused ultrasound to heat and destroy pathogenic tissue rapidly. It is one modality of therapeutic ultrasound, and although it induces hyperthermia it should not be confused with this technique which heats much less rapidly and to much lower therapeutic temperatures (generally < 45°C). • read more

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Mark Bilowus M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S.

Dr. Bilowus is former Chief of Section of Urology, Reston Hospital Center and now in private practice with Virginia Urology, Reston Hospital Center. He is a graduate of State University of New York at Buffalo and Georgetown University Medical School.

Dr. Bilowus is the past president of the of the Virginia Urological Association... • read more

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